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The Best Chippers For Any Application


Based in Hamilton New Zealand, Hansa uses the latest manufacturing technology such as CNC machining, folding and lasercutting to produce products with a high quality finish. All their machines are their our own design, developed over time from first hand experience in the field. As a small business, they have to offer a superior product to remain competitive and stand apart from imported models in product quality, efficiency and solid build.

Tough enough to be used by commercial opearators and hire shops you know that these machines are built to last. For the home owner and lifestyler these machines are simply the best chipper you could ever use. No more painful vibrating hands as you try and poke a stick down a small tube on the side of a chipper....these Hansa chippers are self feeding which means you can throw a branch in the chute and then turn around to grab the next branch whilst your Hansa gobbles up the previous one.

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Est. 1980.

20 Thousand Chippers Later and Still Counting 


It's one thing getting rid of all your prunings but as an added bonus you get the best, most natural, slow release fertilizer you could wish for. Mulch cover is also great at helping soil around plants retain moisture in the hotter months so its win, win, win! 

Handles Fibrous Plants Like Palms

Most chippers hate fibrous stuff like palms, even the refuse centres won't let you put it with your organic material as their chippers can't handle it. Enter the Hansa, C3e, C4 and C7. These models are designed with a cantilevered flywheel so they can handle those nasty palm fronds...impressive. 

Branches From 30 to 254mm

With Hansa you can go as big or as little as you need with branch capacity of 30mm on the C3e to a massive 254mm on the C60.

Large Flywheels on Lifestyle Models

Having a large flywheel means that HANSA chipper blades are backed up by plenty of inertia to help efficiently process branches and prunings. The blade system on these models is self feeding so you can throw your branches down the chute and they will feed through via the cutting action. Many of the chippers have easy access to the flywheel and blades for servicing purpose.

Tow Your Chipper

The Hansa C3e, C4 and C7 are perfectly balanced so you can push them around your property. If you have a larger property or slopes then you can tow your Hansa chipper around your property with your ride-on mower with the optional towbar accessory (C7) or standard coupling on the C13+.

Premium Honda GX Engines

When it comes to stationary petrol powered engines Honda has earnt a reputation for performance and reliability. Honda is Hansas preferred petrol engine.


Electric Version

If you've got a small property then the Hansa C3e Electric Chipper may be just what you are after. With no petrol engine to pull start or service these chippers are popular in domestic applications.  

With 10+ Models, from Domestic to Commercial,

Hansa Has Your Mulching Covered


HANSA C3e, $1,595

Electric, up to 30mm Branch Diameter


HANSA C4, $2,295

HONDA Petrol, up to 40mm Branch Diameter

HANSA C4-with-specs4.jpg

HANSA C7, $3,595

HONDA Petrol, up to 70mm Branch Diameter

HANSA C7-with-specs3.jpg

HANSA C13, from $7,495

HONDA Petrol, up to 90mm Branch Diameter

HANSA C13-with-specs2.jpg

HANSA C16, $14,995

BRIGGS & STRATTON Petrol, up to 110mm Branch Diameter

HANSA C16-with-specs2.jpg

HANSA C21, from $19,995

HONDA Petrol, up to 130mm Branch Diameter

HANSA C21-with-specs2.jpg

More models available including larger models and also PTO versions of the C13 & C21

Click to see full HANSA catalogue

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