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"First, we make the best. Then, we make it better". Hustler Turf introduced the world's first zero-turn mower in 1964 and called it the "Hustler" named after the first operational jet bomber capable of Mach 2 flight, the B-58 Hustler. Since then, Hustler has become one of the leading turf care brands in the world, fueled by innovation.


Hustler Turf Equipment was born of a simple need for a riding mower that could maneuver the irregular landscape of the family home, complete with bird baths, gardens and winding front walkways. The first Hustler mower was a compilation of mower parts and farm machinery, created by a genius named John Regier. Mr. Regier’s mower cut grass and steered like no other. It could hug a flagpole or reverse directions at a fence line, with a turning radius of zero. With this, the world’s first zero-turn mower was born. AND IT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Across the globe, the Hustler brand signifies innovation, strength, performance and superior customer care. In addition to manufacturing best-in-class outdoor power equipment, Hustler is committed to providing a quality owner experience. Their mission is to provide the most dependable, useful, and time saving products in turf care. Built tough these are a true lifestyle grade machine capable of an estate finish around the house whilst also the ability to top paddocks and mow the orchard.

The Original Zero Turn Mower, Year 1964



Speed - Fastest of the Fast

Zero Turn Mowers are typically around 40% faster that conventional ride-ons and HUSTLER Zero Turn Mowers are no exception. Driving independently off each rear wheel and the ability to make sharp turns or turn on the spot make these mowers very efficient, especially if your property has a lot of obstacles. Hustler mowers are fast and the HUSTLER Super Z with Hyper Drive is testament to this boasting a top speed of 26kmph making it the worlds fastest production mower. If you like a nice job done right, done fast then you can't go past a HUSTLER.


Heavy duty fabricated decks are engineered to provide a clean, finished look every time, with even distribution of grass clippings. High blade tip speeds of over 18,000 feet per minute give an exceptionally clean cut.

Smoothtrak Steering

Hustler's patented Smoothtral Steering is what makes driving a Hustler a better experience. Hustler mowers have the smoothest and most precise steering. You’ll glide around obstacles and make zero-radius turns with ease. 


Heavy-duty fabricated steel frames provide unmatched durability. 

Park Brake System

Simple, convenient, patented system that automatically disengages/engages the parking brake when you close/open the steering levers. No extra park brake lever to worry about.  

Simple Design

Over 50 years of design refinement equates to fewer parts which means fewer problems and easier service. 

Low Center of Gravity

A reduced profile translates into superior handling and stability.   


Your HUSTLER mower can be configured to side throw, mulch or catch grass. They can even tow a small trailer. There are petrol and diesel options available.

NZ Designed Mulch Kit for NZ Conditions

TWO CUTTING EDGES cut grass into smaller particles for faster decomposition. The top blade acts as a rotating ceiling, preventing grass build-up under the deck. Downward airflow from the top blade forces cut grass into the lawn for a superior finish, even in long wet grass. You’ll be amazed how clean the deck remains, even under the worst conditions. Achieve a beautiful lawn, without the need to catch.

With So Many Models and Multiple Deck Options

There is a HUSTLER Mower Right For You


HUSTLER Raptor X, from $12,495

42" and 54" Decks


HUSTLER Raptor XD, from $14,495

42", 48" and 54" Decks


HUSTLER Raptor Flip-Up, from $18,495

48" and 54" Decks


HUSTLER Fastrak, from $22,995

48" and 54" Decks


HUSTLER Fastrak Super Duty X, from $25,495

48", 54" and 60" Decks


HUSTLER Xone, from $32,294

52" and 60" Decks


HUSTLER Super Z Hyper Drive, $POA

60" and 72" Decks



60" and 72" Decks


HUSTLER Super 104, $POA

104" Decks



"Little did l know that within a week l would be zooming around like a pro, having an absolute ball and having a golf course at the end of such fun.
ps..... who in their right mind would pay to have there lawns mown and miss out on such fun."

Brian, Matakana, HUSTLER Super Z

"We approached the Stihl Shop Warkworth to see if they could come up with a solution mowing around our trees in the orchard. We had been using a mower behind a small tractor but we could not get close enough without harming the trees.


They came and had a look at our situation and returned with a Hustler FasTrak ride on mower which we trialled both in the orchard and on the large lawns we also have. This machine copes very well mowing both areas. It easily and safely mows around our trees and mows the lawn areas like a blur.


Before we used the tractor mower for the orchard and another brand ride on for the lawns. Now we use one machine for both tasks. Mowing used to take a little over 3 days, now we can do it in one day and the finished job is much better.


We thank the staff at Stihl Shop Warkworth for their advice and expertise in providing a very satisfactory solution to our mowing requirements."

Peter, Matakana, HUSTLER Fastrak

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