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Louisiana Grills is the leader of the Pellet Grill Industry. Designed with quality and durability in mind, Louisiana Grills is the proud manufacturer of the Country Smokers Series, the LG Series, and the LG Ceramic Series. Own a world class BBQ in your own backyard.


Louisiana Grill

The LG series is a timeless classic, a "cook everything grill" that's known for its heavy duty construction & cooking versatility. It’s the only grill you’ll ever need.

8 in 1 Wood Pellet Grill

Loisiana Grill LG Series wood pellet grills are so versatile that they can perform 8 different cooking functions.


Lock in the moisture of the meat by searing it.

Louisiana Grill Reverse Seared.jpg
Louisiana Grill Char Grilled Chicken Win


Get those Char-Grill stripes on your food to add a richness of flavour.


Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, salmon, ceese and more can all be smoked on your Louisiana Pellet Grill 

Louisiana Grill Smoked Pulled Pork.jpg
Louisiana Grill Pizza.jpg


The grill can be used to bake anything from desserts to pizzas.


BBQ kebabs, corn on the and much more. 

Louisiana Grill BBQ 2.jpg
Louisiana Grill Roast.jpg


Perfect for a tasty chicken, beef or pork roast with much more flavour than what can be achieved in a standard oven. If desired the meat can be baked using indirect heat.


Grilled chicken breast, even grilled cheese sandwiches and more can all be achieved on your Louisiana Grill.

Louisiana Grill Bacon Wrapped Grilling.j
Louisiana Grill Braise.jpg


You can also combine wet and dry cooking methods and braise tasty dishes like pork belly and other 

Louisiana Grill Outside.jpg

How it Works

Operation of the LG Pellet Grills

Pellet grills require a 230 Volt power source. The process begins when wood pellets made out of 100% natural compressed woods are loaded into the pellet hopper on the left hand side of the pellet grill. Different pellet wood types are available such as Maple, Hickory, Apple, Cherry etc... to give the food subtly different tastes. The operator prepares the food for the grill, eg a pulled pork, and loads it into the barrel side of the grill. The desired cooking temperature is set using the programmable controller. An auger at the bottom of the pellet hopper moves pellets into the fire pot inside the grill and ignites them with a hot rod. A fan is used to stoke the fire to create convection heat to evenly cook the food. The auger speed is adjusted automatically by the controller to vary the pellet feed rate into the fire box, which when used in conjunction with the fan, controls the temperature of the grill. An optional cold smoke box can be added to the right hand side of the grill cabinet if desired for a cooler smoke for things like cheese and fish.


Main Features

Full Digital Control and Programmable Meat Probe

The Digital Control Center and Meat Probe work

in tandem by regulating the internal cooking

temperature of your food. Your grill automatically

reduces to a low smoke setting when ready.


Flame Broiler for Open Flame Grilling!

Master your steaks and burgers just like your

favorite steakhouse! The Flame Broiler is

a simple slide-plate which allows complete

control for direct flame grilling.

Removable Upper Rack with all LG Series Grills

Unique to Louisiana Grills, the upper rack is

additional cooking space! Cook your dinner on

the bottom while you bake dessert up above,

and all at once!


Easy Clean Cast Iron Porcelain Coated Grates

Clean-up is easy with the heavy duty porcelain coated cooking grids! Known for superior heat

retention, the cast-iron core allows for perfect

searing and braising.

Cold Smoke Cabinet for LG Series Grills

An optional cold smoke cabinet is available for the LG Series Grills that bolts onto the side so you can smoke things like cheese, fish and meats just the way you like them.

Louisiana Grill Cold Smoke Cabinet.jpg
Louisiana Grill Hopper Extension 2.jpg
Louisiana-Grill-Fire Pot.jpg
Louisiana Grill SS Front Shelf.jpg



Bigger, heavier, hotter: own a world class BBQ in your own backyard. The LG900 presents the same game-changing features as the LG700 integrated with a larger cooking surface. Perfect for larger families and social gatherings, the LG900 bears an easy to clean, 913 square inch cast iron cooking grid. Elevate your BBQ experience with LG’s burn system and slide-plate flame broiler for direct and indirect cooking. Strengthened with heavy duty steel and a reinforced lid, the LG Series heats up to 600°F (315°C) with true convection cooking and as low as 180°F (82°C). Upgrade the LG900 with side shelves or a hopper extension to boost your grilling performance. With eight separate cooking functions, the LG Series will change the way you think about BBQ. Sear or smoke, bake or roast, the LG900 will enhance all of your cooking experiences.  

• Dimensions: 44" long x 39" high x 24" deep
• Cooking Surface: 914 sq Inches

• Hopper Capacity: 14 lbs

• Weight: 178 lbs

Louisiana Grill LG900.png

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