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Ziegler & Brown embraces the features of best gas grill BBQ's in the world and then takes them to the next level. Designed in Australia for the way the Aussies like to cook these BBQ's these gas grills have been designed not only to operate effectively with the lid closed but also work great with the lid open.


Ziegler & Brown is recognised both in Australia and internationally as a leading brand of premium barbeques famous for innovation, product quality and award winning design. Whether your lifestyle sees you putting on a party at the park, entertaining at home with an intimate alfresco meal, or planning your next camping trip, the Ziegler & Brown name is synonymous with modern outdoor entertaining. Ziegler & Brown offers Portable Grill, Twin Grill and Tripple Grill options delivering the same innovative technology that is endlessly versatile, easy to carry and built to last. The impressive range of accessories will see your Ziggy creating perfect steaks, pizzas, fragrant stir-fries and moist baked treats.

Ziggy Red Dot Award.jpg

Winner of Europe's Premier Design Award

Change the way you barbecue!

...Superior Quality, Exceptional Performance and Ultimate Reliability


Each high quality stainless steel burner is ignited using the Ziegler & Brown flame thrower ignition system. Light any burner first time, every time.

Burners can be controlled individually to create different heat zones and also enable indirect cooking (on Twin and Tripple burner models).

Ziggy Twin Burner Shot.jpg
Ziggy Dishwasher.jpg

Clean Up

Clean up couldn’t be simpler with a useful collection tray collecting excess fats and oils that run quickly down the dome shaped grill body. Cooking grills are rust protected and can fit into a dishwasher. 


Excess heat and greasy smoke is exhausted from a rear vent. It’s safer, more comfortable for the operator and it doesn’t splatter grease all over the grill and its side trays. 

Ziggy Rear Vent.jpg
Ziegler & Brown High Dome Chicken.jpg

High Dome Hood

High Dome aluminium hoods provide for large roasts and can even fit a full sized turkey (Tripple Grill option).

Down Under Grill

The Ziegler & Brown Grill series has been proudly designed, tested in Australia and New Zealand. 

These grills have been made with enough power that you can cook your steaks,kebabs, capsicums, zucchini planks etc... with the hood up. This means that you’ll more effectively get a crispy, perfect Maillard-Reaction caramelization on the outside of certain cuts of meat without overcooking the center.

Ziggy food poolside.jpg

This award winning European inspired design outclasses its competitors with innovative technology and superior power output.

Ziggy chops.png
Ziggy Pizza.jpg
Ziggy Pork Roast.jpg

There's a Lot That Your Ziggy Can Do...

There's a Bunch of Room to Keep Things Hot

Load up your Ziggy with the optional Warming Rack so you can keep all the grilled food hot and ready to eat when you are.

Ziggy camping.jpg

Grill to Go

Take your Ziggy with you. You don't have to be limited to being at home to experience the great cooking on your Ziggy...take it camping, to the beach or even to your friends place.

Hot Enough for Chargrilling Steaks

and Peppers

That's right, these Ziggy's have heaps of power if you are a Chargrill fan and enough power to cook with the hood open so you can stand around with your mates and poke and prod as you engage in casual banter.

Ziegler and Brown Steak and Peppers.jpg
Ziggy Hot Plate.png

Split Your Grill

You can split your grill and have one area as a hot plate and another as a cast iron grill. Steaks can be cooking on one side over some serious heat and onions sautéing over a gentle heat over the other side. The indiviual heat zones (2 on the twin burner and 3 on the tripple burner) give you the flexibility to control different food cooking temperatures at the same time. 

Roast up a Storm

Why is it that roasts taste so much better on a Ziggy than out of a conventional oven? Try it and find out for yourself, there is a definate flavour enhancement with richer, tastier results. With the Ziggy's independent burners you can also do indirect roasting by positioning the roast to one side of the active heat zone ie. only turn on the burner/s adjacent to the roast (not directly underneath it) to get a more even heat which is suitable for longer cook times.

Ziggy Tripple Roast.jpg
Ziggy Tripple Trivet.gif

Wok Did You Say

Yes, you can use a Wok, Frypan or Pot on your Ziggy with the use of one of the optional Trivets. These are available for all models including the Portable which is great for camping. 

Pizza Anyone?

It takes hardly any effort at all to cook a great Pizza on your Ziggy and it's going to taste way better than what you can achieve out of a conventional oven. Even the baby Portable Ziggy can cook up a delicious pizza in no time flat.


Full Size Hot Plate Option

If you like a morning nosh up of bacon & eggs or pikelets/fritters whilst camping then you are going to love the full size hot plate option available with the Ziggy Portable Grill. There is also a range of reversible (flat one side & ribbed griddle on the other) hot plate options available for the Twin and Tripple Grill Ziggys.

Wood Smoke Infusion

If you like that smoke infused flavour in your fish, meat or even vegetables than you are going to love the fact that you can also use your Ziggy as a hot smoker with the addition of the optional Smoker Box accessory.



Ziggy Portable Grill, from $499

The elegant European inspired design is so simple and efficient, it folds up smaller, is more compact and easier to transport or store than other BBQs of its size. Pop it in the boot or on the back seat. Take it camping, to the beach, on picnics, use it on the balcony or BBQ beside the pool. It's great for big spaces, small places, flats, home units or apartments.

• Number of Burners: 1

• Grill Dimensions: 415Hx675Wx460D 
• Cooking Area: 470mm x 360mm oval

• Weight: 14kgs

Ziggy Twin Grill, from $629

Thanks to the combination of a powerful twin-burner cooking system and a high-domed hood, you have the option to cook with the hood open or closed, creating endless outdoor cooking options.  Leave the hood open and fire up both burners to create a mixed-grill feast, yummy breakfast fry-up or perfectly-grilled seafood.  Close the hood to create perfect pizzas, moist baked treats or the most succulent roast.  Use one or both burners for powerful direct grilling or use just one burner for indirect roasting. Cook smaller meals using just one burner and save on gas! 

• Number of Burners: 2

• Grill Dimensions: 460Hx770Wx570D 
• Cooking Area: 570mm x 420mm oval

• Weight: 22kgs

Ziggy Tripple Grill, from $999

Unrivalled for quality, versatility and power, The Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill will change the way you barbeque! Featuring three stainless steel burners, each with their own heat zone, this outstanding performer also offers unprecedented cooking capacity.  You can fire up all three burners to easily cater for a crowd; or simply use one or two burners for more intimate occasions. 

• Number of Burners: 3

• Grill Dimensions: 480Hx1020Wx590D 
• Cooking Area: 670mm x 460mm oval

• Weight: 32kgs

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