STIHL started out as one man with a vision. In 1926 Andreas Stihl invented the world’s first electric chainsaw.  It had a power output of 2.2 kilowatts and a weight of over 87 pounds, and it took two people to operate. STIHL has been the world's biggest selling chainsaw brand since 1971. Now, more than 90 years later, the STIHL Group provides jobs for more than 7,800 people, including 370 designers and engineers. As a company, they have over 35,000 Dealers in more than 160 countries and, due to the excellence of the products and craftsmanship, STIHL has become the preferred choice of many professionals and hobby gardeners worldwide.

The 1926 Two Man Chainsaw

STIHL family owned. The STIHL name has stood for innovative ideas for more than 90 years.


We hope you enjoy your trip through the highly varied world of STIHL products. We've travelled all around the virtual world to find you STIHL product snippets and bring them all together in one convenient place.

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Cordless Power System



Linetrimmers, Brushcutters & Clearing Saws


Waterblasters/High Pressure Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Blowers & ShredderVacs

Post Hole Borers/Earth Augers & Petrol Drills

Concrete Saws

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Cordless Lithium Ion Power System

Whether you’re a hobby gardener or a professional, STIHL offers the right cordless tool for everyone. STIHL’s COMPACT cordless power system with four powerful tools and two batteries is the perfect solution for garden owner and domestic users alike. STIHL’s PRO cordless power system has even more power to get right down to work. This range offers professionals especially high-quality tools in various performance classes, for trimming hedges, mowing lawns, tidying lawn edges, removing leaves, clearing paths and cutting wood. Within each product family all batteries can be used in all tools.

Lithium Ion Battery Lawnmower

Lithium Ion Battery Garden Tools



STIHL chainsaws combine innovative technology with high power, optimum ergonomic design and low weight. These properties minimize the burden for man and the environment. STIHL supplies chainsaws in a variety of equipment versions and for all purposes, with power ratings from 1.3 kW to 6.4 kW (1.6 HP to 8.7 HP)

Lifestyler Chainsaws

MS661, the New Maximum


Combi & Multi System

wide range of jobs requires many different tools − or just one highly capable system. With STIHL CombiSystem, a single powerful engine transforms into as many as twelve different garden tools. Put your own personal range of tools together tailored exactly to your needs. And if you need to tackle larger spaces, our MultiSystem is the perfect choice.


Line Trimmers, Brush Cutters & Clearing Saws

The brushcutters and clearing saws from STIHL are true specialists for difficult terrain. They get to work where ride-on lawnmowers give up. Whether doing mowing and clearing jobs at home, thinning overgrown areas or carrying out tough maintenance work on steep slopes – with their high-performance engines and sophisticated practical features, these powerful experts are equal to any challenge. The wide range of STIHL products provides the right tool for any job – from light brushcutters with petrol or electric drive, to extra powerful clearing saws for professional forestry use. Choose the right tool from the various performance classes depending on your particular requirements. Fit it with the appropriate cutting tool – and you’re ready to go.


Hedge Trimmers &

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Up, up and away: STIHL hedge trimmers and pole pruners are genuine specialists in their respective areas. The STIHL hedge trimmers are specially designed for use in park and landscape maintenance, as well as for large private estates. With their considerably longer reach, the special-purpose hedge trimmers ideally complement the classical hedge trimmers.

Hedge Trimmers

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers


High Pressure Cleaners

The powerful STIHL high pressure cleaners clean up dirt in no time. Robust technology and comfortable equipment makes cleaning almost a pleasure. For the industrial company or around the house: from the handy compact device up to the professional model STIHL has a machine for every need. And in the STIHL accessories range, you will be able to find a solution for unusual cleaning tasks too. 




Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaners from STIHL ensure perfect cleanliness in the blink of an eye. From dust, metal shavings and sweepings to liquids, these machines effortlessly suck up anything that gets in front of their nozzles. Our practical accessories help you tackle special cleaning jobs quickly and effectively.


Blowers & ShredderVacs

Blowers and vacuums from STIHL really prove their value in gardens and traffic areas or parks. Fallen leaves, grass cuttings, general debris - nothing can withstand their powerful blast. Everything is cleared away quickly. The STIHL vacuum shredders pick up immense volumes of fallen leaves, cut grass or trimmings. This garden waste is finely shredded at the same time so that it can be used directly for composting or mulching.


Earth Augers & Petrol Drills

When you need to dig deep, our robust earth augers help you do the job efficiently. Together, you will have no trouble taking on even tough soils. Whether you are taking soil samples, boring plant holes or erecting fences, our wide range of tools deliver precision and power to help you complete all kinds of drilling jobs in no time at all. STIHL performance − made for your use.


Cut Off Machines & Concrete Cutters

High performance, long service life, long maintenance intervals and - if the worst should ever come to the worst - short repair times: these are the characteristic features required of a modern construction machine. STIHL cut off machines and drills outstandingly meet these requirements. Cut off machines from STIHL are the most frequently sold in the world - and not without good reason. 


Mist Blowers & Sprayers

Precision is the major strength of the manual sprayers from STIHL. The SG 11 and SG 31 sprayers are suited to precise, detailed work around the home and garden. The SG 51 and SG 71 backpack sprayers are ideal for manually applying pesticides and fertilisers across medium-sized spaces. STIHL also provides professional backpack mistblowers for orchards and gardens.


Mist Blowers


Garden Shredders & Mulchers

Due to their low-noise operation, these shredders are ideal for working in noise-sensitive areas. Their powerful rollers draw in the material with minimal kickback. Organic branch material is shredded and broken up in a crushing and cutting process, making it ideal for composting.


Personal Protective Equipment

Safety should always be a priority when working with power tools. This should begin by using correct working methods, whilst also using high quality equipment and the appropriate protective safety clothing. At STIHL, we take safety very seriously and offer a wide range of protective clothing to meet this need, from full chain saw protection clothing to wet weather gear and helmets,gloves and boots.


Olive Harvesters

When the time has arrived to harvest olives, nuts and pistachios, the powerful and low-vibration STIHL special harvesters bring a healthy momentum to the plantations. These STIHL special harvesters help you protect plants and fruit while also conserving your strength. They're your reliable harvest helpers, right from the first day of harvesting.

STIHL Branded Clothing & Accessories Range

Functional clothing with a fashionably sporty look which features high-quality materials and practical accessories that really come in handy, no matter what your favourite activity is. STIHL Vinatge 'T's, watches, pocket knives, kids toys and much, much more now available.


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